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Support Portal: IBM i Community and forums
Browse feeds from featured Twitter, forums, user groups, blogs and Wikis for IBM i.

developerWorks: IBM i Community and forums
Find Blogs, forums, communities and Wikis related to IBM i. Get involved in the IBM i community by participating.

IBM i Firmware forum
This forum provides a place for IBM i and System i questions related to the server firmware.

IBM i: Logical Partitioning (LPAR)
This forum provides a place for iSeries questions related to Logical Partitioning. Logical partitioning is the allocation of system resources in such a way to create systems that are contained in the same physical footprint but are logically separated from each other. System resources such as processors, system buses, and IOPs and their attached devices define a logical partition. You can post questions and discuss problems, exchange information, and share tips associated with creating and administering logically partitioned systems.

IBM i: Backup/Recovery forum
This forum provides a place for IBM i and System i questions related to backup and recovery.

DB2 Web Query for IBM i
This community is for technical discussion on the IBM DB2 Web Query for i product. You will find additional product information at IBM DB2 Web Query for i.

IBM i: iDoctor for IBM i - Job Watcher forum
This forum is for questions and technical discussion related to the use of Job Watcher. Job Watcher a component within iDoctor for IBM i is a near real-time performance analysis tool used on the IBM System i and iSeries platforms. Job Watcher provides details on the amount of time a job, thread or task spends running and the amount of time waiting. Job Watcher also breaks down the time waiting so that the user can see what the job, thread or task is waiting on and also who the holder is if a holder exists. For more information about iDoctor for IBM i or to download a trial version of these tools, go to iDoctor for IBM i.

JTOpen/Toolbox for Java forum
This forum is intended for developers using the IBM Toolbox for Java, or its open source version, JTOpen. For licensed product FAQs, documentation, and downloads see IBM Toolbox for Java and JTOpen.

IBM i Access for Linux forum
IBM i Access for Linux is the latest offering in the IBM i Access product line. IBM i Access for Linux allows you to access the DB2 for i using its ODBC Driver and to establish a 5250 session to an IBM i system from a Linux client. This forum is to discuss the various commands (ibm5250, setup5250, cwbrunsql, rmtcmd, rmtodbc, cwbping, cwbcopwr, cwbtrc, cwbnltbl, cwbmedic), programming interfaces (ODBC, EDRS, Remote Command, ...) and features of the product. Supported platforms include 32-bit (i386 and PowerPC) and 64-bit (x86-64 and PowerPC).

WebSphere Application Server forum
This forum mirrors the newsgroup. For more information, see the associated newsgroups: WebSphere Application Server for iSeries (news://, Migration from BEA WebLogic Server to WebSphere Application Server (news:// For general information about WebSphere Application Server, go to WebSphere Application Server for IBM i.


i Can Blog by Dawn May
This is Dawn May's blog on IBM i. She is a senior technical staff member at IBM and is the technical lead for the IBM i Systems Software Development organization.

You and i Blog by Steve Will
The You and i Blog covers a multitude of subjects related to IBM i. Steve is the Chief Architect for IBM i and is responsible for strategy and planning related to the operating system and its related products and solutions.

DB2 for i Blog by Mike Cain
Insight and perspectives on data management using IBM i. Mike is the team leader of the IBM DB2 for i Center of Excellence in Rochester, Minnesota.

Other forums and resources

iPro Developer
iPro Developer is a collection of resources for IBM i developer and programmer professionals. It covers IBM i, which was previously known—and is still occasionally referred to—as System i, iSeries, and AS/400.

Planet i
News and Updates from the IBM i Community.
Information on application development, High Availability, training and education, upgrades and modernization, backup and recovery, networking, hardware management, security planning, database management, systems management, and more.

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