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Browse the IBM Knowledge Center for additional technical information.

IBM i Operating System


Power System install information is located in the IBM Knowledge Center under Power Systems.

Go to Knowledge center, go to Table of Contents,  Power Systems, and find the power system 

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Additional technical information

IBM i Technical Overviews
A Technical Overview is a detailed summary of an IBM i announcement.

IBM i Access
Visit the IBM i Access site for announcements, resources, documentation, Service packs and downloads, FAQs and other IBM i Access information.

Managing IBM i
Effective platform management can provide you with a competitive advantage. Locate tools to help you manage your IBM i environment.

PTF Ordering
Review your options for downloading and ordering Program Temporary Fixes (PTFs).

IBM Service Request
Open or manage a service request using IBM Electronic Services.

IBM i Release support
Every release of IBM i, i5/OS and OS/400 has a defined Program Services period, with the end date announced with the initial announcement of the release.

The Planning pages provide a complete overview of available planning information, divided into main topic areas for your use; Systems management, Performance and capacity, Installation and setup, Maintenance, and Migration & upgrades.

IBM DB2 for i
DB2 for i (formerly known as DB2 for i5/OS) is an advanced, 64-bit Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that leverages the On-Demand features of IBM’s Power System.

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Guide to fixes

Need help building a fix maintenance strategy? See the Guide to fixes to get started.